Curious about Repair Fair & Share?

Well great, that’s the first step! The Repair Fair & Share is a collective of volunteers who join together to fix broken items, teach valuable repair skills, and learn from listening and doing. We meet twice a year in Salem, Oregon and welcome fixers, tinkerers, and supporters.


Offering repair skills, sharing repair knowledge, and promoting resourcefulness in our community.

Repair Fair & Share brings together volunteers throughout the community for semi annual repair events. Embracing “repair rather than replace”, we provide community connections that not only provides repair service, but teaches troubleshooting and the repair process. We inspire and enable people to continue repairing and sharing in their community. The community benefits by making connections, learning skills, reducing waste, and saving money.


  • Repair Fair & Share events are always be free to attend.
  • A volunteer fixer will guide you through how to repair your item so you will learn how to troubleshoot and possibly make repairs in the future.
  • Guests are expected to stay with their item so they can learn the repair process.
  • Guests are expected to be active participants and help with the repair.
  • If you know what part is needed for the repair, please order it and bring it with you to the event.
  • We cannot work on hazardous materials, vehicles or weapons.

Steps to Participate as a Guest

  • First come, first serve and free to the public. Register at the check-in table.
  • Wait until your name is called.
  • Work with the Repair Guru to learn how to fix the item.
  • Take the survey and provide feedback about the event.

Steps to Participate as a Volunteer

Do you have a repair or mending skill that you can share with the community? We’d love for you to share your experience as a Repair Fair & Share Volunteer!